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Latest reviews for Locked Away Escapes 5/5.0 stars (6 reviews)

Had my daughter's 13th birthday there. They absolutely went out of the way to make it a awesome experience! They even made them do a chicken dance for an extra 5 mins so they could escape the room. Even though the exit door had been unlocked for 4 mins and they didn't realize it! Lol! Highly recommended!
I brought my two teenage kids to go through a room. The staff was amazing and helped the kids understand before we even went into the room what they’re supposed to be doing. This is a “must repeat soon” experience!! ♥️
The Owner is super nice and hella creative his games make you believe you are really there and it is fantastic. We lost our game but it wasn’t even sad because the game was just so awesome. The only bad thing is they don’t have a locked away in STL. Best escape rooms EVER!!!!!
I had a great time in the Lost in the Ozarks room the other night. At first my group was confused because we signed up for the attic, but I had a great time and appreciate that they wanted us to experience their brand new room! We were the first to great it in the allotted time! Thanks for a great night and a great first escape room experience!
Experienced the Psych Ward last night. Had an amazing time escaping!!! BEST PUZZLE EVER!
Wow!! My family had the best time, we had a blast!! We took on “the psych ward” and as first timers, I think we did pretty good. The staff was absolutely fantastic. Our host, Tiffany made us feel so welcomed, we were having fun before the game started. My family needed a team bonding experience, a time to just have fun and we got that!! No one even thought about their cell phones. LOL! We laughed about our experience for hours after we left. We will definitely be back!

Oh yea, we made to the end, but didn’t escape....only one code away.

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