Locked Away Escapes
3226 Shelby Dr Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401
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Hospital Entrance 2

Welcome to the next level of personalized entertainment with our NEW "Choose Your Own Fate" 2-in-1 mini-game adventure! Introducing the new Shelby State Hospital - Psychiatric Wing! Come explore the disturbing hospital as you attempt to resolve a critical care error, where your choices will determine the outcome for one dangerous patient!

Shelby State Hospital

During your first day on the job as new orderlies at the Shelby State Psychiatric wing, you've discovered the Hospital has recently undergone lockdown due to a code GREY, or runaway/combative patient. With a highly dangerous person on the loose, and no access to security features available to more tenured orderlies, you will have to find a way to resolve the situation, either medically, or physically.

10 minute escape

$10 +tax per participant

No Clues

Two Alternate Endings